Tuesday, 25 Jun 2019

Free to go home, police still confiscated the purple underwear owned by Vanessa Angel as an evidence


Vanessa AngelVanessa Angel - The case of prostitution that happened to the artist Vanessa Angel (VA) was finally over. The intensive investigation for more than 24 hours finally gave permission to the VA to go home.


VA was arrested on Saturday, January 5, 2019, and police confiscated a number of items, there were white sheets in the hotel, one box of condoms, VA personal items, and others.

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"For VA, the police confiscated a number of items including one cellphone unit, one white bed sheet, one condom, one eyeglasses and one purple underwear from VA" AKBP Harissandi, Head of the North Sumatra Regional Police Ditreskrimsus AKBP Harissandi, quoted from, January 6th 2019.


VA is said to be a witness. And the police have arrested ES and TN who are suspected of being pimps in the case of online prostitution.

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After undergoing the examination, the VA thanked the police and apologized to the public for making a scene for the past two days. "I also express my gratitude to the police for treating them well during the examination" VA said.


A number of other artists who took part in the online prostitution case were also examined, such as artist Avriellia Shaqqila.


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