Tuesday, 25 Jun 2019

5 places you have to visit when you go to Beijing


IllustrationIllustration - Beijing is the capital of China. It is easier to access for Indonesian people because it is one of the closer countries. If you go on vacation to Beijing, there are some places that you have to visit.

1.      Great Wall

The Great Wall of China is not located in one place, but the closest one to Beijing is the Badaling Great Wall. Although there is cable car there, you still have to prepare yourself to walk long distance. From the wall, you can see the whole city and the view is really beautiful. The place is almost always full with tourists.

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2.      Forbidden City

If you go to this place, you will see the scenery that you usually see in Kung fu movies. When you enter this place, it can be hard to find the exit. You have to prepare the stamina to explore this place.

3.      Temple of Heaven

The temple has beautiful architecture and a wide garden. For some reason, most of the people who visit this place are elderly people. They can be seen exercising, reading newspaper or playing cards or Chinese chess.

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4.      Nanshan Ski

If you want to see snow, you can also visit Nanshan Ski. You can go skiing here. The place rents ski equipments and you can also hire someone to teach you.

5.      Qianmen Street

This is an area free of motor vehicles. There are many kinds of shop here. You can shop for souvenirs or try some of the local food.


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