Tuesday, 25 Jun 2019

The benefits of eating quail eggs for your health


IllustrationIllustration - Quail eggs are not as common as chicken eggs. However, it has almost as much benefits for our health. It is nutritious and contains many protein and vitamin. Here are some of the egg’s benefits.

1.      Rich of protein

Like chicken egg, quail egg is also high of protein. A portion of quail eggs (5 eggs) contains 6 gram of protein, which equals to one chicken egg. Protein is needed to keep our stamina and as a source of energy. It also keeps our skin and hair healthy.

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2.      Rich of vitamin A and choline

Quail egg is also rich of vitamin A and choline. A portion of quail eggs contain 119 milligram choline and 244 IU vitamin A. The two work together in protecting our immune system, in order to prevent the risk of sickness and infection. Vitamin A and choline also preserve our nervous system function and sense of sight.

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3.      Rich of selenium and iron

Quail eggs contain more selenium (26%) and iron (9%) compared to chicken eggs. Selenium can preserve the brain cognitive function, increase the metabolism of thyroid hormone, and fix damaged DNA. Iron functions in producing healthy red blood cells to prevent anemia and protect us from heart disease. The combination of selenium and iron is needed for muscle metabolism and blood vessel health.


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