Tuesday, 25 Jun 2019

Transjakarta driver was involved in a fight with a car driver in Rebo market


IllustrationIllustration - A Transjakarta driver, Jhonson Nainggolan (60) was hit by a car driver with the plate number B 2983 TOM in Rebo Market, East Jakarta, Saturday, January 5th.

In a written statement released by Transjakarta Company, the driver of the car tried to stop the mini bus after it went pass the Tanjung Barat overpass. The car driver even blocked the way of the mini bus three times.

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“The driver asked me to get out to fight. But, I refused,” Jhonson said in Jakarta, Monday, January 7th.

The driver then started breaking the window of the bus. Jhonson could not accept the treatment and got out of the vehicle. “When I got out, I was hit,” Jhonson said.

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The civilians near the location tried to stop the fight. The Operational Director of Transjakarta Company, Daud Joseph, told the driver to come to their office to take responsibility for his action.

“We ask the driver to sit together to explain the incident from his side. From our driver’s explanation, there was no infringement,” Joseph said.


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