Tuesday, 25 Jun 2019

Use this digital plate to eat and guaranteed your appetite will increase


IllustrationIllustration - This digital plate called Eatense is a breakthrough for new eating utensils. This product is claimed to be the first in the world. It's no secret that the way food is served contributes to its taste. By displaying the right things, it is not impossible for people's appetite to eat increase.

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Inspired by this, the Expernet company from South Korea made Eatense. Digital plates are claimed by the company as the first in the world, Design Taxi reported, January 7th 2019. Form an Eatense like a rather concave rectangular plate. Black or white, the center of this digital plate is like a screen.

Expernet explains, "Food really tastes better when it's served well. A good presentation makes food more enjoyable." Eatense is said to be able to enhance the taste of food by creating an atmosphere that spoils one's appetite.

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Eatense users will be able to choose a graphic background for their digital plates through the Eatense application that is connected to a mobile phone, which is available for Apple and Android users. Furthermore, there are many graphics that can be selected by Eatense users. Among them are marble, bamboo placemats, floral patterns, pine trees, or just Happy Birthday writing.


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