Tuesday, 25 Jun 2019

iPhone attacked by old malware which had attacked Android


IllustrationIllustration - Apple was not only rocked in the business and marketing sectors. The security of the device also suffers from problems. The latest findings show that there are many applications on the iPhone secretly establishing communication with the server that leads to Goldluck. That is the name of malware that had focused on Android devices by attacking game applications in it.

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The malware has been known for more than a year, after being caught infecting a number of classic category games on the Google Play Store. When it was first discovered, more than 10 million users became the victims of the attack. When the device is infected, the hacker can run a number of commands on the gadget. For example, sending paid SMS to get money from it.

Now it's the turn of the iPhone that is dogged by these problems. Wandera, a security firm from London, England, said there were 14 applications infected with Goldluck's malware on the App Store. Just like the approach before this, all applications are in the classic or retro game category.

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So far, the researchers assessed the activities in the application were still monitored normally. He is only limited to pushing a number of icons in the ad column. Even so, the application is known to help send data about the user's device. Some of them are IP addresses and types.


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