Tuesday, 25 Jun 2019

UK airports installed anti-drone technology on military level


IllustrationIllustration - Anti-drone technology is now present at Britain's two largest airports, namely Gatwick and Heathrow, following the drone incident at the end of 2018. The two airports reportedly spent millions of pounds to prevent drones to enter the airport. This was not separated from the incident involving two drones near the Gatwick airport area before Christmas.

At that time Gatwick Airport had to be closed for three days at the peak of the Christmas holiday, causing almost 1,000 flights to be canceled and nearly 140,000 passengers abandoned. It is not known exactly what anti-drone technology currently used in the two airports.

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But a Gatwick spokesman said airport owners had bought a system similar to the system owned by the British military. This tool was installed last week. A Heathrow spokesman also confirmed reports of military-level anti-drone technology.

"The safety of our passengers and colleagues remains our top priority. Working closely with the relevant authorities, including the Met Police, we continue to look for the best technology that helps eliminate the threat of drone" said a spokesman for Heathrow, as quoted by the BBC on Tuesday, January 8th 2019.

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The British military itself was forced to be called by the government and used a Drone Dome system to secure Gatwick. This technology also has a range of up to several kilometers and uses four radars to provide 360-degree detection to identify and track drones.


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