Tuesday, 25 Jun 2019

Scandal over 40 gay priests in the Vatican


Scandal over 40 gay priests in the VaticanScandal over 40 gay priests in the Vatican - The scandal happened as a result from the appeared  information about in the Vatican serve 40 priests who are homosexuals.

A new scandal broke out in the Vatican after what became known about the ministry of 40 gay priests. Such information appeared in the 1200-page report, which was compiled by an escort officer, whose name is Francesco Manjakapra. About this writes "The Daily Mail".

In this evidence file, 40 active gay priests from Italy were identified. It is reported that the file contains a correspondence from WhatsApp and some other evidence. Francesco Manjakapra said that he wanted to punish non-traditional sexual orientation clergymen for hypocrisy. It is worth noting that none of the forty priests were involved in sexual contact with minors.


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