Tuesday, 25 Jun 2019

Thousands of old Twitter accounts were hacked to spread terrorist propaganda


IllustrationIllustration - Hackers seem to take advantage of loopholes on Twitter to spread terrorist propaganda. They break into accounts that have been inactive for years. Reporting from Tech Crunch, Friday, January 4th 2019, security hackers and researchers, Wauchula Ghost, found that hackers supporting this terrorist group exploit a gap that has existed for years on Twitter.

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Initially, Twitter did not require users to confirm their e-mail address when registering their account, so they could use this social media service without a valid e-mail address. So, many of these hijacked accounts use invalid email addresses, or long-expired email addresses.

These accounts also sometimes use email addresses with the same name as their username. Because Twitter only closes part of the e-mail address, hackers easily guess the part of the e-mail address that is covered then try logging in and resetting the password.

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In its official statement to Tech Crunch, a Twitter spokesman said that they were trying to resolve the issue, even though Twitter claimed that they were not responsible for this problem. "Reusing email addresses in this way is not a new problem for Twitter or other online services" said a Twitter spokesman.


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