Tuesday, 25 Jun 2019

Personal information of hundreds of German political figures got hacked by unknown


IllustrationIllustration - A number of party internal confidential documents, personal banking data to online messages of politicians leaked through Twitter. The hacking and leaking of sensitive information was reported by Inforadio RBB in Berlin late Thursday, January 3rd 2019.

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It is known that a number of data that have been successfully hacked have been released since December 2018 by a Twitter account based in Hamburg, Germany. The data is uploaded online, similar to the German-style "Advent" calendar, which every day surprises its followers by opening and divulging different victims' data.

The targets for hacking are all members of the German parliament in the Bundestag, except for the right-wing members of the AfD. The majority of leaked data are telephone addresses and numbers to more personal documents such as banking data, identification, and private messages. Not only parliamentary politicians, politicians from the German state are also affected.

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Politician from the SPD social democrat party, Jens Zimmermann, submitted a request for a special session of the internet commission in the German parliament to discuss this hacking case immediately. While leftist Die Linke party politician Anke Domscheit-Berg stated, this hacking attack was a joint release of a previous attack, and became information that could be accessed openly. This action involves a small portion of sensitive personal data, and is an attack on democracy.


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