Wednesday, 08 Apr 2020

5 lipstick colors for those of you who has thick lips


IllustrationIllustration - Most women are very picky when it comes to lipstick color. They have to make sure the color looks good on them. They also have to consider the shape of their lips in picking the right lipstick color. Here are the colors that are best for those with thick lips.

1.      Nude

Nude color is getting popular lately. Not only does it look modest and simple, it can also be worn for any occasion. For you who like the “no makeup” makeup look, choose nude color.

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2.      Red

Red is probably one of the colors that are fit for every shape of lips. Red color can give you an elegant look and is best to wear during formal events. For those with light skin tone, choose bright red color. For those with darker skin tone, choose purplish red color.

3.      Berry

Berry color is also good to use during formal events, especially at night. It gives off mysterious nuance.

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4.      Rose

Rose color can give off a fresher feeling. It can also make you look younger.

5.      Soft Pink

Soft pink color can make you seem gentler and more modest. It is good to wear during every day activities.


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