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Orthodox Arab dreams of becoming a priest in Russia


Orthodox Arab dreams of becoming a priest in RussiaOrthodox Arab dreams of becoming a priest in Russia - Orthodox Syrian Maxim Matney is going to enter the Theological Academy and become a priest. Parents-diplomats brought him to Russia as a baby. The boy studied at Russian school. An economist by training found himself a job in the temple - an altar boy. Now Maxim maintains an Orthodox blog, which admits that he cannot imagine his life without Russia, reports “MIR 24».

Not everyone will understand that the prayer is read by an ethnic Syrian. Maxim Matni is fluent in Arabic, but speaks Russian without an accent. Born into a family of Middle Eastern diplomats who worked for a long time in Moscow. Here he graduated from school and university. He was going to do business, but he became an altar boy.

“At some point, I started an internal conflict due to the fact that I can’t find something that is really worth working for in this life. That would give me strength. I couldn’t find the answer to the question why I am needed”, - says the altar boy of the Church of the Transfiguration on Preobrazhenskaya Square.

Maxim found answers in Orthodox Christianity. At first I just went to the services, and then I realized that I wanted to stand on the other side of the altar.

“I decided to wait a moment and not to tell anyone about my desire, except for my wife. She said: well, if you want it that way, think about it, I don't mind”, - he says.

She didn’t immediately get used to his decision. After that, many friends became former.

“They are just not interested to communicate with us. Our life is in God now, and their life is far from that. We used to relax together outside the city, have fun, and now we don’t even communicate in social networks”, - says Maxim’s wife Anastasia.

In social networks, they have a lot of new acquaintances. Thanks to Instagram Maxim. He has been in his account for a year now. At first it was a page dedicated to children, but then religious themes appeared.

Now Maxim is determined to become a clergyman. To do this, he needs to get a theological education, now he is awaited by the seminary exams.


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