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These are the signs that tell that your boss is attracted to you


IllustrationIllustration -Does your boss compliment you even when there is nothing significant? Does your boss contact you outside working hours? Does he or she laugh at your words, although it is something you have already said before? If the answers are all yes, then chances are they are attracted to you.

It is hard to know whether someone likes you or just being nice to you. That is why, Michael Kerr, the speaker of International business said that we have to be careful in reading the signs, so it will not be embarrassing for both parties, which can also damage your career. Here are the signs that your boss likes you.

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1.      You have a hunch

“Many people will try to impress the boss at the beginning, but sometimes you feel there is something awkward between you,” said Lynn Taylor, an expert in national working place and writer of “Tame Your Terrible Office Tyrant”.

2.      They flirt with you

“Be careful in observing how the boss treats other employee before concluding that they like you,” Kerr said. “They may be a very effusive person, likes making friend, nice to everyone. Even if your boss flirt with you from time to time, consider how they act toward your coworkers. They may be a naturally flirtatious person and there is no ulterior motive.” Kerr said that you have to think carefully. If you are the only one the boss is flirting with, then they may have feelings for you.

3.      They often plan private meeting after work

If they plan to meet you privately outside of working hours because there is a project that you two are working on, then it is alright. But according to Taylor, if they start talking about something unrelated to work with you, it may means that they have feelings for you and want to get close to you. Remember, if it makes you uncomfortable say it outright because it is unprofessional.

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4.      Their body language is sensual

Observe your boss’ body language and eye contact. According to Kerr, if they often steal a glance at you or make eye contact longer than necessary, then they may like you.

5.      They value your opinion more than the others’

Once again, it can also show that your boss only has a big trust on you as his employee. However, if they start asking your opinion on personal matters like clothing or dating, it may be a sign. “Asking you opinion about their love life is not wrong, but it is a tactic to allude to your feelings for them,” Kerr said.

6.      They give you personal gift

If every employee got a motivation mug on Valentine ’s Day, then it is okay. Maybe your boss is just trying to motivate all of you and show their appreciation for your work. But if your boss gives a present only to you, in secret, with poetic message, then you must be suspicious.

7.      They make physical contact

Your boss maybe a naturally physical person, but if they start to draw the line by touching your knee or arm, or trying to hug you, even when you refuse, then they may be attracted to you. If you do not like it, try confiding your coworkers in order to stop it.


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