Tuesday, 25 Jun 2019

Buy snacks from insects on vending machines in Japan


IllustrationIllustration - Japan is the king of vending machines which almost of all products has its own vending machine. One of them is an insect snack which sold as a popular snack. Since October last year, the presence of a vending machine that sells various snacks from insects, in the Kumamoto region, Japan, was immediately famous.

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This vending machine is specifically for selling food made from insects. Reported by SoraNews24, January 9th 2019, this vending machine sells 10 types of food products. One of them is a rhinoceros beetle that has a crunchy texture, then crickets, diving beetles, and pupae that resemble caterpillars.

Most of these insects are dried, then put in packs. Even some insects are coated with chocolate, and has an unusual taste. There are also crickets in the form of protein bars, with the cheapest prices on this vending machine, which is around JPY 700. There are also more expensive products, namely savory seasoned crickets at a price of JPY 1,300 per pack.

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All of these insect products are ordered from Thailand, including pupae and beetles which have a large population there. This vending machine was originally installed by Tomoda Toshiyuki, as a balloon shop called Discover Ballon. Out of curiosity about edible insects, he finally released this vending machine to see if Japanese people like to eat insects.


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