Tuesday, 25 Jun 2019

The first nude restaurant in France forced to close due to lack of customers


 O'Naturel restaurant O'Naturel restaurant - A restaurant called O'Naturel presents a different dining experience from restaurants in general. In there, all customers are required to take off all clothes their worn. So all of customers that enjoy a variety of dishes there should be in naked condition.

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O'Naturel is the first nudist restaurant in Paris, France. The restaurant was opened in November 2017. The location is quite strategic which is in 'the city of lights arrondissement' area. However, in just 2 years of the opening of the restaurant, the owner of O'Naturel has to close the nudist restaurant.

That's because only few people visit the restaurant, which make the restaurant operating costs cannot be covered. The owner, Mark and Stephane Saada, claimed that the restaurant will be closed in February. "We reluctantly announce that O'Naturel will be closed (permanently) on Saturday, February 16, 2019" he explained to The Local, January 8th 2019 as quoted by Fox News.

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They also claimed to be happy and always remember the sweet memories that existed during O'Naturel's opening. "Thank you for participating in this experience by visiting and dining at O'Naturel. We will remember all of the good times, meet beautiful people and customers who like to share extraordinary moments" they concluded.

There are 40 dining tables provided by O'Naturel. Previously, all guests were required to enter the open room. After that, they will be delivered to the dining table. O'Naturel itself provides a variety of delicious French dishes, including foiegras and escargot.


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