Tuesday, 25 Jun 2019

Japanese mafia launched its own website


Japanese mafia launched its own websiteJapanese mafia launched its own website - Yamaguchi-gumi, the largest Yakuza group in Japan, opened its own website, which published the “corporate” anthem and a call for the fight against drugs. As reported by Agence France-Presse, the new web-resource is designed to counter the idea of the mafia as an "anti-social" force, as well as to rally the members of the organization.

The video of the pilgrimage of members of the group to the temple is posted on the site, the soundtrack of which is a song in the traditional Japanese style. The text extols the ideals of the clan: courage, the desire to fight injustice and help the weak.

In addition, there is a photo gallery on the site, the materials of which tell how members of the group help rake rubble after the 2011 tsunami and the 1996 earthquake.

According to Jake Adelstein, a journalist who has written extensively about organized crime in Japan, creating a website with such diverse content is an attempt by Yamaguchi-gumi to prove that they benefit society.
The yakuza motto is “To help the weak and fight the strong”, - the journalist said, stressing that in practice everything usually happens the other way around.

"Yamaguchi-gumi" already have experience in the media field. A year ago, the Yakuza began publishing their own magazine, which is distributed exclusively to members of the group.

Like the Italian and Chinese mafias, the yakuza mainly earn on the control of prostitution, gambling and drug trafficking. However, unlike their foreign "colleagues", the yakuza are not outside the law. Since the middle of the last century, the Japanese authorities have kept records of the number of groups and official members of the yakuza.

According to the police, in 2013 the number of people entering the Japanese mafia declined sharply, for the first time since statistics had been reduced to 60 thousand people.


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