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A prostitute stole a man’s luxury Rolex watches and hid them in her vagina


 Delajurea Brookens Delajurea Brookens - A prostitute with a tattoo stole a man’s luxury Rolex watches and hid them in her vagina.

The whore, Delajurea Brookens, 29, took five watches worth more than USD 100,000 from the hotel room of Raymond Diaz, who she met at Mango’s Tropical Cafe in Miami beach Tuesday.

But, when police caught up to her they only found one. 

Police later arrested Brookens and when they took her to jail after the incident they strip searched her and found the four missing Rolex watches concealed within her genitals.

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Brooken’s reportedly stolen Diaz’s watches after he invited her to his hotel room, according to the Miami Herald. Diaz went to the bathroom and came out to find that his Crown Royal whiskey bag containing the watches was missing. When he realized the watches were gone, he questioned Brookens who ran out of the hotel room.

He chased after her and found her trying to get in a taxi at a nearby hotel and could see the watches in her bag, he told police. Brookens then struck Diaz over the head with an unidentified object causing him to fall down as Brookens ran back towards the hotel.

The taxi driver witnessed the incident and called police who responded. They later found Brookens in an alleyway next to the hotel. Officers discovered her to be in possession of a small plastic bag what is believed to be cocaine and the Crown Royal bag – which only contained one watch at the time.

When officers asked where the other four watches were, Brookens then proceeded to kick, bite, and spit at officers as they took her into custody. Once she was in custody in the police cruiser, Brookens smashed her head against the cage and kicked at the rear windows.

She later urinated on a bench inside a holding cell she was kept in, without telling police she needed to use the restroom. Police later finding to Rolex watches in Brooken’s vagina.

She was charged with grand theft, resisting an officer with violence, possession of cocaine, battery, and criminal mischief – and was released after posting $22,000 bail. 

This is not the first time police have been involved in Brookens’s dramas. In 2014, police were called when Brookens went home with University of Miami football player Al Quadin Muhammad after meeting him at Story Nightclub in Miami.

The two arrived at the house, where she then allegedly told him he had to pay her $800 in an apparent sexual transaction, Muhammad said, which she later denied.

When the football player refused and asked her to leave, Brookens began smashing things around his home and threw a high heel shoe at him. 

No charges were filed, but Brookens had previously been arrested for prostitution, according to police records.







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