Tuesday, 25 Jun 2019

Tired of her daily activity, this sexy model decided to live on forest without any clothes


FreeleeFreelee - Freelee, is the name of a woman from Queensland, Australia who often makes sensations and controversies there. After claiming to go on a diet of only eating bananas, she now lives in wildlife. Freelee, who has embraced the eco-friendly lifestyle, decided to move to rainforests in South America.

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The 37-year-old Youtuber now lived in the forest and chose to live without clothes. "I spent my days naked, free from tight clothes. I quit unhealthy relationships and found peace" said the woman who adopt the vegan lifestyle, as quoted by the Daily Star.

Freelee, whose real name is Leanne Ratcliffe, admitted that she was sick of working in an office. During her 11 years working under the auspices of the company, Freelee later became a personal trainer. But now she stopped her profession and enjoyed her life in the wild. Freelee has been living a free life in a forest without clothes for almost a year.

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Freelee also claimed to no longer carry out beauty treatments and shave her body’s hair. By living like this, the woman who has 85 thousand Instagram followers feels more comfortable and free. "Now I will be naked on every picture of mine. Yes, naked in the forest. Without clothes, makeup, shaving hair. It feels so peacefull" she said.


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