Tuesday, 25 Jun 2019

Displaying mannequin on wheelchair, UK boutique got praised by citizens


IllustrationIllustration - A boutique in the UK is now get attentions of netizens. The boutique that specialized in selling wedding dress became viral after a photo of a mannequin displayed in its shop window was posted by a netizen on Twitter. The mannequin on display in front of the shop is indeed unusual. This boutique named The White Collection puts the mannequin in a beautiful white wedding dress, and sat it on a wheelchair.

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Rarely, these boutiques are also praised for giving special attention to disabled brides and grooms. Although it seems trivial, but the presence of mannequin in a wheelchair can be a breakthrough in the world of fashion. "This new bridal shop has a wheelchair mannequin and it's actually not very attractive, but this is the first time I've seen disability displayed in a shop window" said netizen Beth Wilson on Twitter.

The boutique owner in the Portishead area, Bristol, England, revealed the reason for displaying a mannequin in a wheelchair. "The idea of ??placing one of the mannequins in a wheelchair is, why not? And we don't think too much about it" said Laura Allen, a boutique owner, as quoted from Today.

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Laura said she did not think that the idea received much attention and praise. The comments that came from netizens and those who passed in front of her shop were mostly positive.


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