Tuesday, 25 Jun 2019

Making a candy products in the shape of woman's vital organ, this candy producer in UK got heavily criticized


IllustrationIllustration - The product innovations from the candy producers can even caused a controversy. Unique candies in the form of breasts and buttocks are the one which got the criticisms. It was reported by Metro, on January 11th 2019, candy producer named 'Poundland' was busily being a hot topic by people. That’s all because they make their latest products in the forms that considered vulgar for most people.

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A netizen named Gemma Aitchinson found this candy at Bolton, Manchester. She then uploaded her findings via her Twitter account. "What do you really want to say about this product, Poundland, what if the families see this candy when they come to the store?" she wrote.

Aitchison also said that the candy packaging does not include information for adults. This means that the candy can be bought by children. "I know this is marshmallow candy. But the shape is very sexual" continued Aitchison.

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From this expression, many netizens cast objections over this candy product. Not a few people think that this is one form of a female abuse. "This is terrible when a vital part of a woman is made into a food object, consider this as an act of pornography" Josephine said.


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