Tuesday, 25 Jun 2019

Putri Indonesia Foundation confirmed that two of their former finalists were involved in the online prostitution scheme


Fatya Ginanjar and Maulia SariFatya Ginanjar and Maulia Sari - Puteri Indonesia (Indonesian Princess) Foundation (YPI) finally admitted that 2 of their finalists were involved in the case of online prostitution. Before this, the name Fatya Ginanjar and Maulia Sari were mentioned by East Java Police as two of the six named that were offered by the pimp.

Mega Angkasa, the Corporate Communications of YPI, was shocked to find the two names on the list. But Mega said that they had been out of contract with YPI since two years ago.

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“What I have to say about the name Fatya Ginanjar, finalist from North Borneo, is that we had fired her as finalist of Puteri Indonesia of North Borneo. Because she violated the provisions and the contract we had agreed on, two years ago,” Mega said to the media, Friday, January 11th.

Because they had been free of the contract, YPI was no longer responsible for what Fatya and Maulia did out there. Mega claimed that YPI had warned all of the finalists to watch their action out there.

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“What we have to say that all the finalists of Puteri Indonesia are always told to keep its good name,” she added. To this day, YPI is still in contact with East Java Police to know about the case.


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