Friday, 22 Mar 2019

Nikita Mirzani said that online prostitution for celebrities had existed since long ago


Nikita Mirzani Nikita Mirzani - Recently, there was n uproar about online prostitution that involved some celebrities. After being asked by the media, Nikita Mirzani said that online prostitution that included celebrities had existed since long ago.

“Online prostitution has existed since long ago. There were many celebrities who “sold” themselves. It is only now that the police is focusing on this case,” she said, Friday, January 11th.

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In fact, according to her, almost all celebrities had been involved in the prostitution network. She said there is around 90% of them who were involved in prostitution activities. “Oh yes, of course, almost all celebrities,” she said.

However, she claimed that she got no information about the new celebrities. But she could not say further about the names of celebrities who were involved in the case. She said that the information from the police was still vague.

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“Sometimes the police still can’t distinguish who is celebrity and who is not. Sometimes, someone who was filmed once is called celebrity, a male model is called celebrity.  It’s a pity that those who are not involved are brought into the case,” Nikita said.


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