Tuesday, 25 Jun 2019

Cooking an endangered fish species, tis couple was fined as much as CHY 15,000 by China Authorities


IllustrationIllustration - A couple from Qinghai province, China, got into a problem when they tried to treat their parents to a home-cooked meal. The problem is the main course turned out to be a protected species of fish called the naked carp (Gymnocrypis przewalskii).

According to state broadcaster CCTV, the couple recorded their cooking process in a video and uploaded it on social media. Some internet users finally realized the pair’s mistakes and berated them for it. The angry complaints caught the attention of local authorities. Not long after that, the couple was visited by the police from Qinghai Lake National Nature Reserve.

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Naked carp is classed as an endangered species on China Species Red List. It gets its name from the fact that is has almost no scales. The fish migrate from freshwater rivers to saltwater Lake Qinghai, the largest in China. Although their number had significantly, increased in the past few years, they are still protected animals. For cooking the fish, the couple were fined 10,000 Yuan or around USD 1,500 under China’s Wildlife Protection Law.

It is still not clear how they got the fish, but they claimed that they had bought them. Although there are hostile reactions to the cooking, there are also positive and more supportive comments.

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“It is super delicious. As a Qinghai resident, I used to eat it. Will they fine me 10,000 Yuan because of this comment,” a netizen said as cited from South China Morning Post.

“They bought the fish from others. They might not have known what kind it was. Why did they not punish the person who sold it to them,” another commented.


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