Wednesday, 08 Apr 2020

Openly announced that he was gay, this rapper from Puerto Rico got shot 8 times by unknown


Kevin FretKevin Fret - The gay rap singer, who is also an activist for the LGBT community, Kevin Fret, was shot dead in Puerto Rico at the age of 24. Fret, the first Latin rap musician who claimed to be gay in public, was shot in the Puerto Rico capital, San Juan, on Thursday, January 10th 2019, police said. He was shot eight times while riding a motorcycle. Police are investigating this shooting incident.

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Fret's death made the number of murders in Puerto Rico this year increase to 22 cases, the police added. Fret's manager, Eduardo Rodriguez, described Fret as an artist who has an "art spirit" and has a strong desire to play music.

Rodriguez confirmed his death by saying: "There are no words that can describe our feelings and pain because knowing someone who has so many dreams must go. We all have to unite in these difficult times and pray for peace for our beloved country, Puerto Rico. "

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In recent weeks, crime in the streets of Puerto Rico has increased. The police described the crime in the country located on the Caribbean island as a "violent crisis". The latest video of the rapper, Soy Asi, has been watched by more than half a million people on YouTube. "I'm a person who doesn't care about what other people say," he told last year's online paper magazine.


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