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If you are brave enough, try to visit these spookiest islands


Poveglia islandPoveglia island - An island is usually a nice place to visit. The beautiful scenery of the sea and the natural environment are what attract tourists. But not these islands. In fact, these islands are so feared by people that almost no one wants to set foot on them.

1.       Poveglia Island

This island, which is located in Venice, is one of the most haunted places in the world. It used to be a place where people dumped dead bodies in Italy. When there was a deadly epidemic in Italy, many civilians were sent to Poveglia Island to die in that place. This island became haunted and frightening ever since.

2.       Getters Island

Getters Island is located in United States of America. The island was feared because it once became a place for the execution of Charles Gretter. He was sentenced to death due to killing his pregnant lover.

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3.       Fort Carrol

The island used to be a fort made by US army. But then the island was bought by an investor to be made into a tourist attraction. But there was a problem and the island became unattended. Now the place seems to be haunted.

4.       Daksa Island

Daksa Island is located in Adriatic Sea. The island is frightening because it used to become a place for the executions of Nazi people. There were many dead bodies that were left in the island. Until today, no one dares to live in this island.


5.       Snake Island

Just as its name suggests, Snake Island, which is located in Brazil, is full of snakes. This is one of the islands that tourists avoid. The island becomes the habitat of more than 4000 snakes, and not just any snakes, but venomous snakes. The government closes the island for public.

6.       Isola La Gaiola

This island, which is located off the coast of Naples, Italy, is called the cursed island. Many civilians believe that the island has been cursed since 1920, when the owner, Isola La Gaiola, died in the island while his wife died from drowning in the sea. The next owner, Otto Grunback was also found the dead in the island as well. Ever since then, the people believe that the island is cursed.


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