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Starting from now on, in Alfamart the quality cooking utensils are available for you to make healthy foods for your family


IllustrationIllustration - Alfamart as one of the modern retail stores with networks throughout Indonesia provides an alternative choice of high-quality cooking tools, safe to use with modern designs for mothers to prepare healthy dishes for the family.


Ryan Alfons Kaloh, Alfamart's Marketing Director, in the release received, revealed that at the beginning of each year, Alfamart provided attractive offers for their loyal customers. "This 2019 Early Years Surprise Program (KAT), Alfamart wants to be closer and understand the needs of all mothers in Indonesia about the importance of choosing the best cooking equipment through exclusive Royal VKB cooking utensils" he said.


Ryan explained that to consume healthy food is an important requirement for the community. But realize that cooking healthy food also requires a quality cooking tool.


A healthy lifestyle with the consumption of nutritious and hygienic foods that are now widely done also needs to be supported by quality cooking equipment. Modern society is now looking for practicality, maximum function, and cooking utensils that can maintain the food quality.

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The Cookware Series of Royal VKB consists of 6 types, including 13cm multipurpose knife, 3in1 peeler, anti-bacterial cutting board, 20cm chef knife, modern counter, and 3 grated grater containers.


This cookware is the right tool needed by families today to make healthy and hygienic dishes for families.

"With the theme, Cooking is Easy and Fun, this series of cookware provides many advantages" he explained.


The advantages include 3in1 knives and peeler with a non-stick coating equipped with fingerguard to protect the finger from the cutting, cutting board with anti-bacterial protection and anti-slippery grip, onion counter with modern presses, and 3 kinds of ergonomic texture.

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With that excellence, mothers can invite all their family members to participate in cooking because theirs are easy and practical to use, so cooking can now be more exciting.


The 6 exclusive cooking utensils from Royal VKB can only be obtained at Alfamart at very cheap prices with shopping stamp collection. Every purchase of sponsor product with the price of IDR 30,000, consumers get 1 stamp and multiples apply.


Customers can redeem it for 39,900 to 199,900 plus 10 stamp shopping, that’s all depend on what cookware they want to get. Prices can be more cheap, starting from IDR 9,900 if the customer uses a digital stamp in the AlfaStamp application that can be downloaded on a smart phone. Even exchanging with Go-Pay will get a discount of IDR 2,500.


Customers can collect stamps from January 16 to April 29 2019 and stamp exchanges starting on January 16 to May 5, 2019.


"Alfamart hopes that the supply of cooking equipment can answer the needs of all mothers in Indonesia to provide healthy food for their families and made from quality cooking equipment too" Ryan concluded.


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