Sunday, 22 Sep 2019

These are the things you have to know when going on vacation to New York, US


IllustrationIllustration - New York is one of the coolest places in United States of America. The rows of international brand shops and colorful lights all over the city are what you can find in the Metropolitan city. However, there are things you should know first before going to New York.

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In New York, when you want to go to a far place, you better take the subway. But if you can, do not board an empty carriage. The myth says that anyone who stays in an empty carriage will be disturbed by ghosts.

When in New York, do not take pictures in the middle of the crowd. While taking pictures during traveling is fun, remember that New York is a super busy city 24 hours. If you do not want to bump or get trampled on by several people, do not take pictures among a crowd.

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Do not buy fast-food sandwiches in New York. This is because most of the shops use ingredients that are not very fresh so it can be unhealthy to eat.

When going on Liberty Tour, you have to be careful of fraud. If they ask you for money, you have to be suspicious because the tour is free.


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