Saturday, 24 Aug 2019

Burj al Babas, the luxurious but uninhabited housing in Turkey


IllustrationIllustration - A line of castles are standing tall and great in Mudurnu, Turkey. They are surrounded by high mountains and dense forest.

These Gothic-styled buildings are called Burj Al Babas. Although they are luxurious, no one lives there, making the place seem eerie and haunted like a ghost town.

Burj Al Babas was first constructed in 2014 for property and housing sector. This project, which costed USD 200 million, started to be abandoned when the developer, Sarot Property Group, had financial problem that was triggered by recession in 2018.

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At first, the project of Burj Al Babas would be sold for USD 400 thousand to USD 500 thousand per unit. The target was rich merchants from Middle-East. They hoped someone would invest their money on the property sector.

“Some of them were sold. But many investors withdrew since then and the sale had to be cancelled,” said the vice president of Sarot Property Group, Mezher Yerdelen.

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To this day, it is still unclear what step the developer will take for the abandoned project. There is rumor that says Burj Al Babas will be turned into shopping center, cinemas, sport facilities and bathhouse.

These days, many tourists come to see the castles. Burj Al Babas become one of the most unique tourist destinations because of the emptiness of the place, which makes it eerie and haunted.


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