Friday, 23 Aug 2019

Russia and China are suspected in interception Trump's personal conversations


Russia and China are suspected in interception Trump's personal conversationsRussia and China are suspected in interception Trump's personal conversations - US intelligence shows that China and Russia are tapping phone conversations from US President Donald Trump. About it reports "The New York Times" with reference to sources.

These publications claim that foreign intelligence services are trying to use information for their own purposes, which they learn from the president’s personal conversations. Intelligence studies how Trump thinks, what arguments convince him and to whom he listens. In particular, China is collecting this information to prevent further escalation of the trade war. According to the source, Chinese spies even made a list of those with whom the American leader regularly communicates to use them to influence the US president.

The newspaper writes that Trump has two official mobile phones prepared by the US National Security Agency: one for Twitter and other applications, the other for calls. The president agreed to abandon the device based on Android, since they are considered more vulnerable, and began to use the iPhone. Every 30 days, Trump should change both phones to new ones, but he rarely does this, citing inconvenience.

According to some reports, the US president has a third personal phone, that is no different from millions of other iPhones in the world. Trump continues to use his own device to keep his contacts in it. The president also calls on a personal mobile phone in the event that he doesn’t want the call to be registered in the White House.

The source noted that the lack of technical knowledge of the president reduces the risk of information interception. He doesn’t use e-mail, so the possibility of leakage of his correspondence is close to zero. This also applies to text messages, the exchange of which is disabled on its official phones.


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