Sunday, 22 Sep 2019

The New Zealand man who tried to overeat himself to death successfully lost 100 kilograms of his weight


Thomas TenetiThomas Teneti - A man from New Zealand tried to feed himself to the death, but after he revealed the secret to his family, he was able to lose 100 kilograms. This was reported by the publication "New Zealand Herald".

Thomas Teneti from the city of Rangikutia ate huge portions of fast food every day in an attempt to commit suicide because he was afraid to tell his family about his homosexuality. Thus, a 43-year-old man gained 300 kilograms. “Someone uses a gun for this, others - a rope. I chose food. This is easier than seeing disappointment on the faces of relatives”, - he admitted.

Once Teneti couldn’t stand it and confessed to his nephew. Then his nephew explained to his uncle that it was not worth it to take his own life and advised him not to be afraid of condemnation of those around him. As a result, the man plucked up courage and told the whole family. His mother replied that she has always guessed, and his father said that he would always have the love and support of his parents.

After that, Teneti moved to Australia and began to lose weight. If only earlier he ate fast food, now he switched to fish and chicken with vegetables, and also drinks about three liters of water a day. “Before, I could eat one and a half pizza and not get enough. And I didn’t throw out the crust", - said the New Zealander. In five months he lost a hundred kilograms and now he becomes a weight loss consultant himself.


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