Friday, 23 Aug 2019

Thanks to the feature of the Apple Smartwatch, the life of this 67 years old man could be saved


IllustrationIllustration - The fall detection feature on the Apple Watch Series 4 is indirectly be the savior of a man's life in Norway. When found, this 67-year-old man fainted and even covered in blood in his bathroom. Reported from 9to5mac, a man named Toralv Ostvang allegedly went to the bathroom at midnight and then fell unconscious which made the Apple Watch he used automatically made an emergency call. Luckily, the police immediately received the alarm and were quick to respond to medical action.

Daughter of Ostvang said, her father had fallen frequently and even had a broken bone on his face. "That could be a lot worse. All morning we asked, 'What happens if he doesn't wear a smart watch?', He didn't bring his cellphone to the bathroom. It's amazing he got help quickly from the alarm on the watch, and the police found him" she said.

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Added by his daugther, her father is too indifferent to have tools that could help him if things happened to him. Luckily, his father wanted to be persuaded to use the Apple smart watch which has a fall detection feature.

As is known, this feature is available at Apple Watch Series 4 for users aged over 65 years. This feature can detect when the user falls, because when the user falls, the question will appear whether or not it's fine. If there is no answer within one minute, this feature will automatically call the emergency service number and share the user's location.


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