Sunday, 22 Sep 2019

Staying at house while lightning occurred turns out not totally safe according to this


IllustrationIllustration - Staying in the house when lightning occured is apparently not safe at all for the people inside, Lightning may not be immediately hit us when we are inside the house. But, electricity from lightning can be delivered by electrical conductors at home.

The house will be a safe place during lightning rain if you avoid devices that conduct electricity. However, staying at home does not mean fully safe. Even in a room, we are surrounded by electronic devices that need electricity to work. As you know electricity can be transmitted through electric poles and iron pipes.

So, it is better to stay away from cable phones, cable tv, computers, and all electrical devices that are connected to the cable. However, mobile devices that are not directly connected to electricity at home are still safe to use.

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Likewise, avoid something made of iron, doors made of metal, and windows, when there is rain accompanied by lightning. If the water in your house uses an iron pipe, then this iron pipe can be a conductor of electricity as well. However, currently most of the water flowing into homes already uses PVC plastic pipes, making it safer to carry out activities related to water inside the house.

In some homes, lightning can enter through the window. But this is very rare. In addition, standing near a window during a rainstorm will be dangerous if suddenly the window breaks due to a wind-blown object, as reported by the United States national weather service center.


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