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In Turkey, a man got spat at pizza and lost six kilograms


In Turkey, a man got spat at pizza and lost six kilogramsIn Turkey, a man got spat at pizza and lost six kilograms - A resident of the Turkish city of Eskisehir lost six kilograms after the courier spat at his pizza, and sued him. This was reported by the local edition "Diken".

Last month the courier Burak S. spat into the pizza box that he delivered to Hussein Akyuz. The concierge of the entrance paid attention to the courier's deed, who viewed the recording from surveillance cameras. He couldn’t get through to the owner of the apartment, but sent him a message in which he warned that there was no need to eat pizza. However, he read it when he ate the third piece.

At the court hearing, Akyuz admitted that the incident had seriously injured him and now he cannot order food for work. He noted that before the incident, weighed 82 kilograms, and now - only 76.

A pizzeria attorney suggested that the courier and the client had conspired to get compensation from the company, but Aykuz denied the charge. It is reported that after the publicity of the incident, orders for pizzerias decreased by 20 percent.

At the end of month, the media also drew attention to a video of a fast-food employee spitting on food. The girl did this with the words: "This is because it is already three o’clock at night time and I want to go home!". It’s reported that she was fired.


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