Friday, 23 Aug 2019

Brisbane airport in Australia forced to close amidst of panic due to a bomb threat


IllustrationIllustration - One of the busiest airports in Australia, Brisbane Airport, was closed after a man made a scene by threatening with knife and also a bomb threat in the middle of the restaurant area to spread panic on Saturday, February 2nd 2019. Queensland police commissioner Ian Stewart said the he was received reports that an Arabic-language man had threatened a woman in the airport.

The police then responded to the report. Upon arriving at the scene, they found a "suspicious device" and immediately decided to close the airport. After investigating it, the device turned out to be harmless. According to Stewart, the complicated form of the tool made them fooled.

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Based on the photo released by the police, the object looks like a black box with a cable hanging below it. The officer finally reopened the airport after two hours of investigation. Meanwhile, the man who spread the terror was arrested and will be tried on charges of spreading terror on Monday, February 4th 2019.

The fear of terrorism is indeed increasing in the Australian aviation world, especially after the authorities foiled the attempt to bomb Etihad aircraft in Sydney in 2017. Since then, Australia has conducted rigorous checks at the airport, including random interrogation to the passengers.


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