Sunday, 22 Sep 2019

This is the serious reason why the members of royal family are forbid to close the door of their car by their own


IllustrationIllustration - Meghan Markle invited the public attention when she was caught on camera closing the door of her own car. Last week, Meghan was asked to stop the habit. Quoted from The Sun, the police asked Meghan Markle not to immediately close her car's door after stepping out of the car. They feared that Meghan could not back to the car quickly if there were unexpected events or acts of terrorism.

Meghan also practiced this. When she arrived at the National Theater some time ago, Meghan left the car door opened. Meghan went straight to the building, and allowed the staff to close the door after the conditions seemed safe.

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"Meghan and Harry love to meet the public and make contact with them. And if the car door closes looks like a trivial thing, it's different here. If something goes wrong, the security officer must be able to bring them back to the car in seconds" said the source from the palace.

This warning came after Meghan closed the door of her car several times. One of them was in September, when she attended the Royal Academy of Arts. "I like the fact that Meghan did it. It's human and makes her connected to us" people commented.


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