Friday, 13 Dec 2019

In China, it began to rain from the sea reptiles


In China, octopuses and starfishes fell from the skyIn China, octopuses and starfishes fell from the sky - Recently, an incredible phenomenon occurred in the coastal city of Qingdao.
Unique photos appeared on the net when octopuses, mussels, stars and other sea creatures began to fall along with the rain in eastern China.

This happened after a strong storm and a tornado, which sucked the water from the Yellow Sea along with its inhabitants and raised them to the sky above the city, according to «MailOnline».

Although the photos seem fabulous, similar incidents have happened before.

Strong gusts of wind carried even large fish several kilometers away from the water.
The National Meteorological Agency of China confirmed that on land there were many sea creatures far from the sea. Forecasters refused to confirm the reality of many pictures with falling octopuses, but some of the pictures are beyond doubt.

According to a meteorological report, the hurricane wind speed during the last storm set a new record for that time of year.

Also, along with the wind hail fell on the city, which caused great damage to buildings.


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