Friday, 23 Aug 2019

The jewels from the stolen crown of the king of Sweden were found in garbage


IllustrationIllustration - The police found the jewels from the crown of the King of Sweden in a garbage place in Stockholm. The crown had been stolen last summer, in a Hollywood style, using speedboat.

As cited from NBC News, two crowns from 17th century, owned by King Karl IX and Queen Kristina, and a royal ball, were stolen in July, in Strangnas Cathedral, located in the west of Stockholm. The things that were stolen are made of gold, gemstones and pearls, and had been protected using alarm sensors.

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The incident happened before noon, during working day, when the cathedral was opened for the public. The perpetrators were believed to have escaped through the nearby lake. Swedish police confirmed that a security officer found what they believe to be the gems from the stolen crown at the edge of north Akersberga.

“I believe [the thieves] realized that they couldn’t sell the jewels,” said Johan Dalman, Strangnas bishop.


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