Friday, 23 Aug 2019

More than 20 died and hundreds injured after extreme cold weather hit northern United States


IllustrationIllustration - Heavy snow and extreme cold weather approaching the northern United States this week has subsided, but has claimed lives more than twenty people who were killed in eight states while hundreds were injured, including frozen fingers, fractured bones, heart attacks and poisoning by carbon monoxide.

In Illinois, hospitals report since Tuesday there have been 220 cases of frostbite, and frozen body parts, and hypothermia. This extreme weather occurs due to a polar vortex or a thick and cold low-pressure air that causes temperatures to fall to minus 34 degrees Celsius, with cold winds at minus 45 degrees Celsius.

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In Minneapolis, Hennepin Health Center usually has 30 cases of frostbite in one winter. However, in just past week, there were 18 cases. "In the past three days, I have seen the most occurrence of frostbite cases in my career" said Doctor Andrea Rowland-Fischer, who works in the emergency room at the site,

Most of these patients, according to her, previously had factors that made it difficult for them to take care for themselves. There are also cases when people faint because they do not realize their bodies are frozen or injured.

There are also frostbite patients who get it because he was exposed to cold air in just a short time, without protection such as gloves or masks. Some of these patients have to be amputated - this decision was taken by a doctor four to 10 days after the patient was exposed to frostbite.


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