Friday, 23 Aug 2019

Extreme cold weather freeze Niagara Falls and covered with snow and ice


IllustrationIllustration - Extreme cold weather that hit the United States and surrounding areas has reportedly made Niagara Falls on the New York, United States and Canada borders to freeze. That condition happened for the first time in the history. Temperatures in Ontario, Canada are reported to reach -18 degrees Celsius. Such conditions make the 53.6-meter high waterfall covered with snow and ice.

Steam is also seen burst out from the waterfall due to the warmer water temperature than the surrounding air. Large pieces of ice flowed from the water that have not freeze yet, while the trees and rocks around the waterfall were all white due to being covered in thick snow.

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Quoted by The Independent, in addition to Niagara Falls, the Chicago River also froze due to extreme temperatures in the US that reached more than -31 degrees Celsius in some regions. Chicago's average temperature has dropped to -17 degrees Celsius, which is the second coldest temperature in the last 150 years in the region.

Local authorities appealed to residents not to do much outside activities due to the extreme weather. Residents are also encouraged not to breathe too deeply when they are outside the room. Some regions in England and Wales even set yellow alert status after the local Meteorological Agency, the Met Office, warned of the potential for snowfall on Friday, February 1st 2019.


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