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Royal family rules that Prince William and Kate Middleton keep breaking in their private house


 Prince William and Kate Middleton Prince William and Kate Middleton - Prince William and Kate Middleton, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, are known to have broken several royal rules. It is no surprise that they also break them the minute they arrive at the doorstep of their home in Kensington Palace.

While William and Kate have their own rules at home, such as not using iPads and spending time with family, they want their children to grow up as normal as possible. This means that they do not apply Queen Elizabeth II’s royal rule in their home.

Of course Prince George and Princess Charlotte are informed of certain rules they have to do in public, like minding their manners. William and Kate have responsibility to usher the young prince and princess into the royal life, but at the moment, they choose to make their home as friendly as possible for George and Charlotte.

There are several royal rules that the family break in their home. First, is the rule about food. At Buckingham Palace, pasta is a dish that is rarely made because the Queen does not like it. But while the food may be banned at the Queen’s abode, Prince George and Princess Charlotte can enjoy it in their home.

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Second is the rule about school. Boarding school is a popular choice for the royal family. But many people believe that William and Kate will send their children to local schools. Right now, George is attending Thomas’s Battersea while Charlotte is attending Willcocks Nursery School.

Another rule they break is a rule about communication. William and Kate teach their children active listening and to be open about their feelings. They often crouch to be at the same level as their children when talking to them. However, such behavior is inappropriate according to Queen Elizabeth II. The Queen even scolded William once when he talked to George by squatting down to his level at Buckingham Palace. She tapped his head and told him to stand tall.


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