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3 Japanese ice cream variants that you have to try if you travel to Japan


IllustrationIllustration - There are many kinds of ice cream all over the world. Every country has its own unique typ of ice cream.

If you visit Japan, there are 1 ice cream variants that you have to try. Each of these ice creams has unique flavor and fun to try.

1.       Shiotzuke Sakura

Shiotzuke Sakura is an ice cream with the mix of cherry blossom in it. It is a special spring edition of Euro Cafe in Akihabara, which is served when the cherry blossoms, or the sakura, are blooming. It has a unique mix of sweet and salty flavor.

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2.       Ramen Ice Cream

There is an ice cream outlet called Musashi located in Yamaguchi Prefecture. It is the perfect place to visit for ice cream lovers. There are around 140 ice cream variants with many unique toppings like ramen noodle, onion, wasabi, curry and many others. One portion of ice cream costs 350 Yen or around 40 thousand Rupiah.

3.       Extrem Ice Cream

Ice cream made of fruits is already common occurrence. But what if the ice creams are made of meat? In Japan, there are ice creams with meat as the ingredient and topping. Not only beef or chicken, there are also fish meat, snake meat, horse meat and even crocodile meat.


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