Friday, 23 Aug 2019

Divorce lawyer revealed that game addiction increasingly becomes the main factor of the divorce of couples


IllustrationIllustration - Not few romantic relationships that have been ruined due to the addiction of playing video games. A divorce mediator said he had been received 4,700 divorce cases throughout 2018. Lawyers who specifically deal with divorce cases in the UK revealed, 5 percent of the total number of divorce stated that the addiction of games as the main cause of some couples divorce.

"I have a client, maybe not specific because of Fortnite (the game), but in the lawsuit said that her partner always sat on the couch playing games, which made his family felt so abandoned " said Katherine Miller of the law firm of Miller Law Group, as quoted from CBS New York.

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Katherine said that lack of communication was a major factor in divorce related to online game addiction. Yes, it is technology that plays a big role in the breakdown of romance and household relationships. "We see that addiction of pornography or online games are increasing, the inability to maintain personal relationships because the digital world is very influential" Katherine said.

The love therapist Gwen Mancuso also agrees that the lack of communication due to being too engrossed in playing games is the reason many couples separate. She explained, game addiction has now become one of the problems of the household that requires communication, honesty and openness to overcome it.


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