Friday, 23 Aug 2019

Sharia court divorced a man with a genie obsessed wife


Sharia court divorced a man with a “genie obsessed” wifeSharia court divorced a man with a “genie obsessed” wife - In Dubai, the Sharia Court decided to dissolve a couple due to the fact that the wife was “obsessed with the genie”, - reports the BBC.

The man complained to the Muslim law experts of his wife’s malignant refusals to perform marital duty. According to him, the woman completely stopped having sex with him. With any complaints, she asked to contact her parents. Those, in turn, explained to the spouse that a genie had long moved into their daughter.

“The woman and her family deceived my client. They had to inform him that the bride was obsessed with the spirit, even before the wedding”, - the plaintiff’s defender said at the trial.

The court found the woman guilty of fraud and annulled the marriage. However, the husband was obliged to pay his wife 40,000 dirhams (about $ 11,000 dollars) as one-time alimony. Subsequently, the lawyers changed their mind and deprived the guilty of any cash payments.

In Arabic mythology, genie are spirits capable of taking on the appearance of people and animals, as well as moved into them. They are distinguished by their ability to influence the actions and behavior of their victims.


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