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Never clean his penis for 24 years, the bad odors emitted from this man's penis


Zach Zach - The bad luck of the man known as Zach was revealed on the television show called ‘The Sex Clinic’. The program broadcast on E4 television station in the UK featured Zach coming to the Dr Naomi Sutton clinic. As quoted from The Sun, Zach complained to the doctor about his penis which emitted an unpleasant odor. After being examined, Dr. Naomi said that on the man's penis there was a buildup of dirt which is often referred to as smegma.

As quoted by Healthline, smegma is a white spot that occurs due to a mixture of dead skin cells, sweat, and dirt that accumulates around the folds of the penis skin. Smegma often occurs in uncircumcised men, because the foreskin is most susceptible to sweating.

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When the penis, especially the foreskin, is rarely cleaned, smegma buildup will occur so that germs and bacteria appear that can cause a bad odor from the penis. Genitals can also become an infection or irritation when the smegma has accumulated and hardened. In the television show it was revealed that Zach had previously experienced other venereal diseases. He claimed to have had gonorrhea.

Seeing what happened to Zach, Dr. Naomi conveyed a message to all men to pay attention to the cleanliness of their genitals. And according to her, Zach is not the only man who has this disease. That's why she hopes that the awareness of cleaning these genitals is remembered by anyone.


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