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This city in Canada is trapped in a bad stinging smell which comes from abandoned factory,


IllustrationIllustration - City of St Mary in Canada shrouded in the stench of a seafood sauce factory that was closed a decade ago. The stench of the sauce from the factory still stings until now. Around 2002 the Atlantic Seafood Sauce company closed their factory in the city of St. Mary's, Nefwoundland, Canada. This closure caused hundreds of barrels of sauce left there.

But 17 years later the stench of seafood sauce still smelled and became air pollution in the city of St. Mary's. The stench that comes from the factory, poses many health hazards while making the surrounding population uncomfortable with the aroma. Reported by Munchies, on February 9th 2019, many residents in the city of St. Mary used mask everyday to avoid the stench of sauce.

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"When the smell started to smell, we immediately closed the windows and doors. It is like living in prison" said one resident there named Muriel Whelan. Even the aroma of the sauce worsened when summer arrived, and the residents began to panic when they saw the government who came to visit the closed factory with complete protective clothing.

According to CBC, the government of St. Mary's has been trying to find a company of this factory to lift all the barrels filled with seafood sauce that is still there till now. But it was not that easy to clean up, in 2016 a private company was hired to clean the factory, and they removed the remaining sauce into the ocean, but they were asked to stop.


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