Sunday, 22 Sep 2019

Angelina Jolie hinted at the participation in the US presidential election


A Hollywood actress can run for president of the United States in 2020A Hollywood actress can run for president of the United States in 2020 - Angelina Jolie appeared on BBC Radio 4 as guest editor with host Justin Webb. On the air, she hinted at her possible intention to run for the next presidential election.

Despite the fact that the 43-year-old actress is a staunch philanthropist, in recent years there have also been rumors about her possible running for the presidency of the United States.

Speaking of such a scenario, Angelina told Webb: “Honestly, if you asked me 20 years ago, I would have laughed. Now I really don't know”. Oscar-winning actress added that now she is not sure whether she is suitable for politics, and joked that in her "closet there could still be some kind of skeletons."

Jolie is now the UN Goodwill Ambassador. She takes a very active part in various programs, for example in the problems of refugees, sexual violence and environmental protection.
But at the same time, she added: “I can work with governments, I can also work with the military, and therefore I am in a very interesting place where I can do a lot without politics”.

The actress said that "until now" will be silent about their future. To which the presenter emphasized: “Until now what?”, and said he would not be surprised if he will see her name in the list of the candidates for the US presidency from the Democratic Party. Jolie didn’t say no to that, but just laughed and thanked Justin.

The possibility of Angelina getting to the White House received mixed reactions from Radio 4 listeners. Some people doubted her competence in comparison with other candidates. But there are also its supporters, so that the “Jolie for the US presidency” option is possible.


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