Friday, 23 Aug 2019

22-year-old from Turkey committed suicide live on Facebook


22-year-old from Turkey committed suicide22-year-old from Turkey committed suicide - 22-year-old Erdogan Soren committed suicide during a live broadcast on Facebook.
The shocking video was posted on Sorena's Facebook account, reports “The Sun».

According to local media, he lived in the Turkish province of Osmaniye and was at home at the time of the live broadcast. Relatives of the deceased believe that he decided on this act because of the separation from his girlfriend. Soren even dedicated a suicide poem to her:

"Our love will become a saga, our eyes will not shed tears, say, love, you leave, my hands are on fire without you."

Talking to the camera, Soren said that no one believed in his promises to commit suicide. He ended the end of his monologue with the phrase “Now look at this.”

Online commentators noted that the tragic suicide was committed just a few hours after Serena published photographs of his niece and sister.


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