Sunday, 22 Sep 2019

Population of insects are decreasing rapidly every year whole around the world


IllustrationIllustration - There is a huge decline of insect population. The review published this week in the journal Biological Conservation reveals shocking news.

According to the review, more than 40 percent of insect species are declining globally, with a third of the species being endangered. In fact, the total mass of insects are falling by 2,5 percent every year. If this continues, then insects would be completely gone within a century. The review also reveals what impact it will cause to the Earth’s ecosystems.

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“If Insect species losses cannot be halted, this will have catastrophic consequences for both the planet’s ecosystem and for the survival of mankind,” said the co-author, Francisco Sanchez-Bayo, an environmental biologist at the University of Sydney, Australia. as cited from Huffpost.

Scientists warned that vertebrate species, both on land and under the sea, are all threatened because of human activities. But the decline of incest is twice as high as that of vertebrate and insect extinction rate is eight times faster than mammals, birds and reptiles.

Insects have a big role in ecosystem. They are food source for some animals and important pollinators for some plants.


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