Saturday, 24 Aug 2019

Polar bears invade the residential areas in remote places in Russia


IllustrationIllustration - Novaya Zemalya, the region located off Russia’s northeastern arctic coast, has been invaded by dozens of polar bears since December. The reports show that there are more than 50 sightings in the largest settlement in the area, Belushya Guba.

According to local administrator, Alexander Minayev, the bears had attacked people and entered buildings. There are so many polar bear sightings to the point that parents are scared of sending their children to school.

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“People are scared. They are frightened to leave homes, and their daily routines are broken. Parents are afraid to let the children go to school or kindergarten,” Minayev said, as cited from CNN.

The reason why polar bears are increasing their contact with humans is because the climate change reduces their habitats. They mostly eat seals so they rely on sea ice. But global warming has melted the ice, forcing the polar bears to stay on land for longer periods of time.


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