Saturday, 24 Aug 2019

Ebola outbreak killed more than 500 people in Africa so far


IllustrationIllustration - There is an outbreak of Ebola disease in Africa. The latest update shows that the situation keeps worsening. According to the Health Ministry of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), there are 510 people killed, around 100 of them being children.

The disease seemed to be centered around the northeast of Congo, in the regions of North Kivu and Ituri. It seemed to die down during the last fall. But unfortunately, it surged again in January.

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It is the second largest Ebola outbreak in the recorded history, second only to the outbreak that happened in West Africa in 2014-2016 that killed more than 11.000 people.

Nonprofit organization, Save the Children, reported on Sunday that there were 97 children killed by Ebola so far, most of them being five years old.

“If we don’t take urgent steps to contain this, the outbreak might last another six months, if not the whole year. The DRC is a country suffering from violence and conflict and an extreme hunger crisis—some 4,6 million children are acutely malnourished. The main concerns for many people are safety and making sure they have enough to eat. But Ebola has to be a priority too,” said Save the Children’s director in Congo, Heather Kerr, as cited from Gizmodo.


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